Season to season your lawn will requires some special love and care if it will remain the emerald vision of perfection you so often enjoy. Even in the autumn and winter when spending time on your lawn might not be possible all the time, you can still keep the maintenance process that will ensure a better lawn the following year.

Many home owner make the mistaken decision to spend less effort on the lawns within the autumn months as the grass is growing slowly and sluggish during this time. Nevertheless, this apparent “inactivity” is when your lawn is gathering the energy and moisture it will need to survive the impending winter. With a little extra care and attention during this especially crucial season, your lawn will look better and healthier when spring rolls around again.

Tips for providing first-rate lawn treatment during the Fall:

— Keep up Regular Maintenance

Keep on watering and cutting the grass as you have been, less growth may mean less cutting but don’t neglect to water. As the fall season closes you will then need to drop those blades to their lowest setting and give the lawn and extra short cut for winter. This way next spring the sunlight will hit the crown of the lawn and less leaf will turn brown and cut off sunlight that revives the lawn. Remember to leave less than a third of the full plant height there, cutting lower than this will kill the grass. To keep up the regular maintenance you can also Find A Professional Lawn Cutting Company In Your Area

— Aerate the Soil

Fall is also the ideal time to begin aerating the soil and grass. This way plenty of water, oxygen and nutrients from fertilizers can penetrate to the roots of the grass where they will be needed in the cold winter months. Small lawns can be aerated with spiked boots, but larger lawn will need the application of an aerator. Walk-behind options can be rented for about $70.00 a day and this makes the task considerably easier.

lawn maintenance

— Rake the Leaves

Sure raking the fallen leaves in the fall seems like an exercise in futility, especially if your neighbor has a full grown paperbark maple. But the longer these leaves stay there on the ground the more damage is being done to the lawn and the garden. If you wait for all the leaves to fall, the thick suffocating blanket of wet leaves will smother your lawn and in the spring, you will mourn its loss.

But, there is a trick that can help make this task easier. If you time your mowing schedule just right, you can attach a large bag to the lawn mower and begin mowing like normal. Those mowers with a vacuum-system are especially good at this.

Fill in Bald Spots — there is no better time than the fall season to begin patching up holes and spots in the garden. One way to do this is with one of those special all-in-one kits they sell at gardening shops and supply stores. This convenient package has all the things you need to restore your lawn to full splendor. Following the instructions on the package insert will provide the best results.

Weed Control — have broad leaf dandelions and other weeds begun to make an appearance on your lawn, falls is the time to cancel the performance. They are busy preparing for the winter too and will absorb even more moisture (and poisons) that happen to be in the lawn. Go ahead and whip out the herbicides now and sport an impeccable coat this next year.

In conclusion — your lawn operates on a natural clock and the importance of fall lawn treatment should never go underestimated.

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